FERRUM FORM spol. s r.o.
The forge department in Malá Morávka is situated at the foot-hills of The Jeseníky Mountains in Bruntál region. The firm was established as chains producer by blacksmith Franc Olbricht in 1840. The plant was transformed into commercial forging shop and, since 1967, it has been producing die forgings and flanges. The state enterprise was privatized in 1995, and a new subject FERRUM FORM Ltd. arose.

Die forgings are mostly determined for further working for final production in mechanical engineering, car industry, mines and agriculture. The firm makes die forgings from 0.1 kg to 12 kg from material of the class ČSN 11 to 17. Initial material is heated in electric induction heating or in gas-fired furnaces. The forging aggregates are the eccentric presses 1000t, 1600t, friction presses 500t, 700t, 1000t and drop hammers. At customer´s request we can provide normalizing annealing, soft annealing and blasting of the forgings. The forgings are made according to ČSN 429030 or according to DIN 7526 F. Technical delivering conditions are driven by ČSN 420271 or by specific taking over conditions. We can provide 100% check of crack fissures, using electromagnetic machine TIEDE, with chosen sorts of forgings which must not show surface defects. The orders are elaborated by construction department. The production of tools is ensured in our own tool-making workshop. We are able to realize the first supplies within the time from one to three months from the approval of the drawing documentation and contract, depending on how complicated the shapes of the forgings are. Packing and the way of transport is a matter of arrangement.

The firm has obtained RW TÜV AD-2000 Merkblatt WO certificate.


forge department
Malá Morávka

tel.: +420 554 213 735
fax: +420 554 273 224

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